Daily Operations

Schools will distribute the list of patrollers to teachers. Teachers will expect patrollers to leave their class quietly and report to their assigned patrol assembly point.

The patrol captain or lieutenant:

  • Takes attendance.
  • Ensures that all members are wearing their belts and badges.
  • Verifies that all posts are covered.
  • Reminds patrol members to walk quietly and carefully to their posts.

Mechanics of the Street Patrol

Mechanics are defined as the process, moves and maneuvers of a patroller on duty. The basic mechanics are:

  • Arrive at your post early.
  • Determine how to judge a safe gap for each posted position.
  • Take a position at least one step back from the curb or edge of the street, arms down at a 45-degree angle, palms facing back.
  • Check all directions for traffic.
  • Keep students a safe distance from traffic.
  • Keep arms and palms positioned to hold all students from traffic until there is a safe gap.
  • Never allow students to walk in front of a car that stops without an appropriate signal or sign to allow them to cross.
  • Step aside and motion students across the street.
  • Continue to monitor traffic until the safe gap ends, then hold students back on the curb.

A patrol member should only step into the street far enough to see around an obstruction.

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