Patrol members must understand there are serious consequences for breaking rules. Most patrols maintain discipline with a merit/demerit system. Parents should be advised prior to any disciplinary action.

Merit points are awarded for:

  • Work in addition to regular duty.
  • Conducting safety talks to classes.
  • Making constructive suggestions.
  • Additional contributions to teamwork.

Demerits are given for:

  • Attempting to direct traffic.
  • Leaving the sidewalk.
  • Allowing children to cross without checking for a safe gap.
  • Leaving a post without permission.
  • Being tardy or absent without an acceptable reason.
  • Arriving for duty without a belt or badge.
  • Breaking safety rules.
  • Disobedience.

By accumulating merit points, a patrol member may earn more important assignments. Accumulating demerits may result in suspension or dismissal from the patrol.

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