Meetings should be scheduled twice per month. At least once a month, the school safety officer should attend. It also may be appropriate to invite the principal, police, adult crossing guards and bus drivers.

When conducting a meeting, follow parliamentary procedure, which is a set of widely accepted rules that give meetings structure and order. Procedure books such as the popular Robert’s Rules of Order can be found in local public libraries.

The patrol captain presides at all meetings. The lieutenant presides in the captain’s absence.

Patrol members wear belts and badges to meetings.

Patrol officers should plan an agenda focused on both old and new patrol business.

Below is a sample agenda, incorporating parliamentary procedure:

  • Call to order.
  • Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Roll call and inspection.
  • Secretary reads minutes of previous meeting.
  • Captain corrects or approves minutes.
  • Old business from previous meeting completed.
  • New business discussed.
  • Contributions from guests.
  • Training.
  • Captain requests motion to adjourn.
  • Captain asks for motion to be seconded.
  • Captain states the motion and asks for “ayes” and “nays.”
  • Captain officially adjourns the meeting and may announce time and date of next meeting.


The secretary records meetings in a consistent format. A completed set of minutes is signed by the secretary and becomes part of the official record of the patrol.

Elements that must be in the minutes:

  • School name.
  • Date and time of meeting.
  • Attendance.
  • Results of inspection.
  • Summary of old business.
  • Summary of new business.
  • Additional comments/contributions from guests.
  • Additional information.
  • Time meeting was dismissed.

The secretary signs meeting minutes before turning them in to the captain.

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