Morale Building

A key duty of the patrol supervisor is to maintain enthusiasm and commitment to the program. Attention by the school and ownership by students keep morale high.

It is important for schools to recognize the educational value and service of the entire school patrol.

Many schools recognize this service with certificates of appreciation, merit pins and thank-you notes to the school patrol in school newsletters and on Web sites.

Schools also may ask area businesses for small contributions, such as gift certificates or coupons for patrol members. Examples of gifts may include inexpensive raincoats or watches or catering for a recognition luncheon or dinner.

Activities that may be introduced to build safety patrol pride and morale include:

  • Reserving a section of the school newsletter or school Web site for safety patrol news.
  • Assigning a display or bulletin board to the patrol.
  • Writing personalized notes of appreciation to parents.
  • Introducing and thanking the patrol at an assembly.
  • Involving the student council in recognition activities.
  • Creating a safety patrol honor guard/color guard.
  • Hosting an annual patrol luncheon or dinner.
  • Proclaiming AAA School Safety Patrol Day or Patrol Appreciation Day at a local attraction.
  • Promoting a friendly sporting competition between neighboring patrols.
  • Establishing a special weekly play period for patrol members.
  • Offering refreshments such as hot chocolate or ice cream to patrol members.
  • Hosting special events such as pizza parties, movie outings, sporting events or end-of-year picnics.
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