Officer Selection/Duties

The patrol supervisor selects officers. The supervisor may do this individually or by arranging an election by patrol members. Officers generally serve for a semester.

Typically, a patrol has a captain, lieutenant and sergeant. The size of the patrol unit determines the number of officers needed. Patrol officers take on additional responsibility and help lead activities. Officers also must be trained to substitute for any post. One of the lieutenants becomes acting captain when the captain is not available for duty.

Encourage officers to rely on respect and cooperation, rather than authority.

Officer Duties

Captains are responsible for:

  • Preparing reports for the patrol supervisor.
  • Proposing the agenda for patrol meetings.
  • Assigning posts.
  • Monitoring patrol performance.
  • Presenting safety talks to younger classes.
  • Enforcing all patrol rules.
  • Ensuring patrol members wear and maintain belts and badges.
  • Arranging for substitutes as needed.
  • Maintaining the Captain’s Record Book.

Lieutenants are responsible for:

  • Acting for the captain, as assigned.
  • Assisting the captain in checking posts and buses.
  • Contributing to operational reports.
  • Filling in for absent patrol members.

The Sergeant is responsible for:

  • Acting as unit secretary.
  • Maintaining the patrol bulletin board.
  • Managing equipment inventory and recommending repairs, replacements and acquisitions.
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