The most effective patrol programs come from a strong partnership between AAA, schools, parent-teacher associations, law enforcement and the community.

The role of AAA:

  • Program founder.
  • Traffic safety education and awareness presentations.
  • Public outreach and recognition.
  • Source for equipment and supplies.
  • Source of patrol guidelines and training logistics.

The role of the school:

  • Principals appoint teachers to serve as patrol advisors.
  • Advisors organize and implement school safety patrols within their school system.
  • Area patrol supervisors meet to exchange best practices.

The role of the parent-teacher association, where applicable:

  • Support the school’s patrol program, including recognition programs.
  • Sponsor equipment and training.
  • Liaison between the school and the community.

The role of law enforcement:

  • Potential Advisor to the program.
  • Contribute to training and development of patrols.
  • Advocate on behalf of the patrol to motorists and the community.

The role of the community:

  • Civic organizations may provide recognition, contribute funding and assist with community awareness programs.
  • These organizations could include:
    • Police auxiliary.
    • Women’s clubs.
    • School booster clubs.
    • Veteran’s groups
    • Other safety or civic groups
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