Disobedient Students

Sometimes, you may see children who are acting unsafe at your post. If so, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you see children being unsafe at your post, ask them nicely to stop the unsafe behavior.
  • If the behavior continues, report this activity to your patrol sponsor.
  • Adults may cross at your post, but remember, they do not have to follow your directions.
  • If parents are there with children, they may cross along with the other kids, but parents do not have to follow your instructions.
  • Never argue with parents.
  • Let your patrol sponsor know about any issue.
  • If you see a traffic violation, write down the vehicle’s color and tag number and report it to your patrol sponsor. Your patrol sponsor will alert the police of any recurring incidents.
  • If you witness a traffic collision, stay at your post, keep kids out of the street and send someone to the school to report the crash to an adult.
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