Before arriving at their post, patrollers should be sure to place backpacks and other belongings in a safe place near their post or at school so they do not interfere with their duties.

  • At their post, patrollers stand at least one foot back from the curb in a comfortable position.
  • Patrollers should look around for cars and students that may approach.
  • It is not safe to play near the street, and patrollers should take the responsibility seriously.

Patrollers are role models and should set a good example for other students.

Patrollers use the holding position when kids arrive at their post. This will keep them back safely from the road until they allow them to cross.

  • The patroller should stand at least one foot back from the curb.
  • They stand with their arms out to their sides at a 45-degree angle with palms facing back.
  • Patroller should check all ways for approaching traffic and hold kids in this position until they find a safe gap in traffic.

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