School Bus Ops

School Bus Patrol Operating Procedures

Front Bus Patrol Member’s Duties

When the bus stops to pick up students, the patroller:

  • Dismounts and takes a position beside and facing the step to help students entering the bus.
  • Remain off of the roadway, taking 10 to 15 giant steps from the front of the bus. This position will enable the patroller to clearly see the driver’s signal to cross and the driver to clearly see the students.
  • Signal students to cross when safe, after looking both ways to make sure all approaching vehicles have stopped and upon signal from the bus driver that it is safe to do so.
  • Is the last person to board the bus and sits in his or her assigned seat.

When arriving at school, the front patrol member:

  • Is the first person off the bus.
  • Stands beside and facing the bus step to be in position to help students exiting the bus.

When school is out, the front patrol member:

  • Helps students enter the bus when the bus door opens from a position beside and facing the steps.
  • Makes sure students enter the bus in an orderly and timely manner.
  • Patrollers not riding the bus have the responsibility to keep students who are not riding the bus away from the bus loading zone.

When the bus stops to let students get off, the patroller should exit first and help students when needed. If students must cross the road, the front patroller should:

  • Remain off of the road, taking 10 to 15 giant steps from the front of the bus.
  • Make sure students stay behind him or her until the bus driver and patroller have checked both ways to make sure all traffic has stopped.
  • Motion students to cross upon a signal from the bus driver.
  • Get back on the bus and sit in the assigned seat when the students have safely crossed.

Rear Bus Patrol Member’s Duties

The rear bus patrol member:

  • Sits in the back of the bus.
  • Makes sure that students are seated before bus starts moving.
  • Helps check attendance.
  • Keeps the aisles clear.
  • Makes sure students do not forget personal items.
  • Assists in an emergency.
  • Reports damage to the bus by a passenger.
  • Enforces rules against throwing objects or trash on the floor.
  • Acts as a monitor.
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