Future Career Paths

Congratulations! Being a School Safety Patrol member means being a leader. As a patroller, you have many tasks and responsibilities that allow you to stand out amongst your peers. You are a trusted member of your Safety Patrol and an ambassador for safety at your school and in your community. Your principal, teachers and patrol advisor all look to you to set an example and help keep your school safe. Your peers trust your judgment, character and unique ability to lead.

Did you know that many past patrollers have gone on to become U.S. presidents, senators, governors and Supreme Court justices? More than 20 patrollers became astronauts, and five patrollers went on to win Olympic gold medals. Pretty impressive?

We think you are well on your way to achieve greatness, too. Whether you aspire for a career in politics, law enforcement, public safety, community service or another field, being a AAA School Safety Patrol member can help you to achieve your dreams.

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