Injury Prevention

Stranger Danger


You must constantly be alert to the presence of people and vehicles traveling through your post that appear out of the ordinary. If you observe something unusual, report it to your patrol advisor at the earliest opportunity. Get as much information as possible, including the description of the vehicle/person and the vehicle tag number.

If you are concerned about the behavior of older students or adults, immediately return to school with the students at your post. Obtain as much information about the person or vehicle as possible, but do not wait or put yourself in danger. Immediately report your observations to your patrol advisor or nearest teacher.

If followed by a stranger, run to where there are people and yell loudly for help.

Remember the four points of stranger danger and be sure to remind your fellow classmates:

  • First, strangers are people you don?t know. They may look nice, wear a uniform or even be a kid, but if you don’t know them, then they are strangers.
  • Second, strangers should not ask you for help. Never stop and talk to strangers.
  • Third, strangers should never offer to give you a ride in their vehicle. Never get in a vehicle with someone you don?t know.
  • Fourth, strangers should never give you treats. Never take anything from a stranger.


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