Patroller Officer Ranking

The patrol supervisor selects officers. The supervisor may do this individually or by overseeing an election by patrol members. Officers generally serve for one semester.

Typically, a patrol has a captain, lieutenant and sergeant. Patrol officers take on additional responsibility and help lead activities. Officers also must be trained to substitute for any post. A lieutenant should serve as captain when the captain is not available for duty.

Be sure to rely on respect and cooperation, rather than authority.

Captains are responsible for:

  • Preparing reports and agendas for patrol meetings.
  • Assigning posts.
  • Monitoring patrol performance.
  • Presenting safety talks to younger classes.
  • Enforcing all patrol rules.
  • Ensuring patrol members wear and maintain their belts and badges.
  • Arranging for substitutes as needed.
  • Maintaining the Captain?s Record Book.

Lieutenants are responsible for:

  • Acting for the captain as assigned.
  • Assisting the captain in checking posts and buses.
  • Contributing to operational reports.
  • Filling in for absent patrol members.

Sergeants are responsible for:

  • Acting as unit secretary.
  • Maintaining the patrol bulletin board.
  • Managing equipment inventory and recommending repairs, replacements and acquisitions.


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