Role of Adult Crossing Guards

Adult crossing guards may be assigned to high-traffic areas. They can help create safe gaps in traffic, control turning traffic and assist large groups of children crossing busy intersections. They are typically community employees supervised by law enforcement.

Adult crossing guards are typically assigned to:

  • High-traffic streets with safe gaps more than a minute apart.
  • Signalized intersections where turning automobiles are a hazard.
  • Crossings near schools with a high volume of walking students.
  • Locations where 85 percent of the motorists exceed the speed limit.
  • Areas of reduced visibility.
  • School districts with inadequate school route plans.
  • Locations beyond the capability of student patrols.

Patrollers can be deployed to assist an adult crossing guard. This is particularly useful at wide crossings or locations with heavy pedestrian volumes. The adult crossing guard and the police will establish procedures consistent with guidelines for patroller deployment.

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